The story of Our Love Caretaking...

Brooke Schuller and Christine Elliott began Our Love Caretaking when we realized that together, with Christine’s already established pet sitting business, and Brooke’s experience as a pet sitter and dog walker, as well as her new role as a caretaker for her father with dementia, that we could together offer a service to the public that would help pets thrive. 

Christine Elliott is from Houston, Texas and has a bachelors degree in Geology from SDSU. She has her LVN in nursing and has worked as a head baker for the Cravory, at farmers markets, and most notably as a pet sitter. She specializes in providing loving care to all kinds of pets. She has a sweet dog named Nala and a Bearded Dragon named. 

Brooke Schuller is from San Diego, California and is pursuing her bachelors degree in Political Science from SDSU. She has worked as a customer service technical support phone agent level 3 for Spectrum for 2.5 years (2021-2023), as well as being an experienced dog walker and pet sitter with Fur Baby Pet Care. She is also a photographer and designer with Bliss Photography and Design.

Together, we work to give people peace of mind when they are away from home. We know how important having a caring, competent and conscientious pet sitter is, and we provide that comfort to our clients.